I want to become a luxury escort!

I want to be rich, loved and famous – I want to become a luxury escort!

There are many girls who think that the life of a luxury escort is easy, and involves only shopping and dining in expensive restaurants. Before deciding whether or not you want to become an escort, you need to consider a few things.


Physical appearance is the first thing customers look at. There is no standard, it does not mean that only blondes with perfect top model sizes can become luxury escorts, there are clients for any type of a girl, but you have to constantly look after your body.

This is the main investment of an escort – hours spent at the spa, hairdresser and massage, clothes and shoes.  You’ll have to spend your time and money on all this stuff. There is no point in discussing hygiene – it must be perfect. And don’t forget regular visits to the doctor – you must be absolutely healthy and “clean” so don’t forget about regular medical check-ups. A single “accident” and your reputation as a luxury escort will be destroyed.

Experience counts to become a luxury escort

Most girls start by being escortes working for some agency. Then, as they gain experience, they can evolve to luxury escort status, but it’s not easy. First of all, you have to like the job; as in any other fields, if you do not like what you do, it is extremely difficult to be among the best.

You need to know how to deal with people – an open, naturally interested nature helps others, but that is also learned over time, no one was born knowing all this. Then, you can remain a luxury escort within the agency you started with or you can start working for yourself and become an independent escort.

There are also luxury escorts born, not made, as they say. These are girls who come from a higher environment, grew up among people with expensive cars. For some of them it is just a hobby, but many of them can become very successful professionals. It is expected that they will have higher demands and select their clients more carefully, but this is rarely a serious competition for girls coming through the agencies. If you have a friend or acquaintance of this type,  they might help you meet people in the field. But note:  it will certainly take some time until you reach high escort status.

Motivation to become a luxury escort

First of all, it’s about money. You can earn much better than in other firlds, and much faster – but you also have to be prepared for the way things won’t work very well all the time – there are times when the phone doesn’t ring at all.

Second, it’s about what you do with the money.  A lot of it will be going to personal care, because you have to  look perfect. Then you will be faced with a world full of temptations, where many people go on a spending spree. It is important for a luxury escort to start saving, or investing in something else, as soon as she starts to earn a lot. You will not always look that way, you cannot practice this job until retirement age, you have to think about all aspects. But surely you will have more fun with the money earned than people having nine-to-five jobs. And the investments made in your physical appearance and your health will have results for the rest of your life.

Third, the program is attractive. You work when you can, you have a flexible schedule– many people cannot adapt to a schedule from 9 to 5 and to life with a boss who blows your head all the time and always checks you. Luxury escort life is an interesting alternative, especially if you prefer to sleep in the day and work in the evenings.

And what is more, it is an opportunity to meet people. I left this aspect last, because in general, girls have high expectations, but the reality is different. Do not assume that you will meet your future husband at work, who will be a client who will fall in love with you. This happens sometimes, but extremely rarely – it’s usually a simple one-night stand, and even regular customers return in the morning to their wives.

It is important to become a luxury escort for the right reasons – this will help you survive in this profession, become better and better and always be safe.

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