Is it worth spending my money on luxury escorts?

Luxury escorts fall into the category of sports convertibles and watches costing dozens of thousands  euros: most men dream of them and they show  the high status of a man. There are luxury escorts that cost a fortune and only the high and mighties can afford them. As for Duabai escorts, even the most expensive ones are quite affordable. You will certainly pay more for a luxury escort than for a street-walker, but the experience will be completely different.

Where do I find out about luxury escorts?

The best luxury escorts do not need to advertise. They are a discreet and they do not give their photos in publicity, you may find out more about them from recommendations, through the word of mouth. Co-confidentiality is generally essential for an escort; for the luxury ones, it is even more important. They have public people among their clients , politicians or businessmen, whose career could suffer if the tabloids identify the mysterious young lady with whom they can be noticed.

Also you can find luxury escorts on different escort directories such as SexoDubai.com. Here you may see girls with professional studio photos and short information about themselves. Also you can see their rates and choose the luxury escort tat you can afford. After that you contact the girl in a messenger and arrange a meeting be it a romantic encounter or pure sex. All the meetings with such ladies are discreet and don’t endanger your reputation. Some ladies care for their reputation too so they don’t show their faces on the photos but you can always ask for a video call before the meeting.

There are other categories of luxury escorts, those trying to start a career as porn stars, top models or actresses.  They are always in public and appear in magazines. Their photos can be found everywhere and they regard their job as escorts as their temporary job. Such hookers are very demanding as they want to be seen in the company of rich and handsome men.

Basically, in order to contact such a luxury escort you need to be in that world, it’s quite difficult to find them through ads or on the Internet.

There are ladies who cost less but look better

There is no accounting for tastes, as they say. You will not always find the woman you want among the luxury escorts. Obviously, they are extremely beautiful, and they invest immensely in their body care, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a girl you like better elsewhere. After all, it is important to feel good and get what you want, so do not hesitate to consider other options – it does not make sense to throw away money just to be able to boast that you have spent a night with a luxury escort.

Why are luxury escorts so demanding?  Theodora, one of the courtiers from the court of Byzantium, married Emperor Justinian I, became the strongest woman in the Eastern Roman empire, and was sanctified after her death by the Orthodox church. Diane de Poitiers, the mistress of King Henry II of France, received magnificent castles and huge assets.

To sum up, these are the expectations of a luxury escort. Well, no one expects to receive a royal title from their profession, but many expect at least to earn enough to retire before they get older, given that it is a physically demanding job and with little chance of remaining in the top after a certain age. Just like professional footballers, a 40-year-old luxury escort is a rarity.

So the demands are high, but the services are perfect.

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