I want to call an escort service!

The escort service is viewed with enough suspicion by many people and, for this reason, those who want to use such a service for the first time are quite worried about the reaction of others. On the other hand, from the moment you start talking about escort services, you may be surprised at how many of your acquaintances use them.

Decide how much you want to risk using escort services

It’s a problem that you have to think about.  It’s good to have expectations already set in mind, to be sure if you want to call a girl at home, or you prefer to go to her or rent a hotel room. Obviously, the risks you face at home are higher, the neighbors may start talking – though, it’s definitely not their job, and no one should interfere in the lives of others (but we don’t live in a perfect world , so we don’t have much to do).

There are also people who are proud of their bachelor lifestyle, and proudly display the fact that every night they visit another girl. It’s everyone’s choice, only you decide what to do.

What are the risks of finding out your wife / girlfriend / mother?

Basically, the risks are zero. Discretion is the main feature of escort services, there is no risk of ringing the next day, or sending advertisements by email. It’s not in anyone’s interest to get things out of control – and that’s exactly what both parties want, a night that leaves no trace the next day. No strings attached, no phone calls and even no traces of perfume or makeup.

If the first face-to-face meeting is held in public, in a restaurant or bar, keep the discretion, and she will do the same. If a scandal erupts, if you get caught by a group of people drinking, between people coming from a football match, if there is the slightest risk of starting a fight, leave immediately, before things go crazy. In the case (very unlikely) when you are a police officer, answer quietly, without panic, and show that you are only meeting a friend. It is good to have the bulletin handy for such situations.

Should I tell the escort a false name?

Honestly, the employees of the escort services are less interested in this aspect. Many customers give false names, which is fine, no one will insist on finding out your real name. The only problem is that, in moments of passion, the girl will shout another name – but if you have no problem with it, then that’s fine.

Should I keep it a secret that I use an escort service?

The secrets are not easy to keep, and they get to eat you from the inside and create a stir where there really shouldn’t be any. It is preferable that the use of an escort service be under the sign of discretion, but not that of absolute secrecy. The Internet is an ideal place where you can talk to other customers about these services, where you can leave impressions and find out new information. Whether you can tell your friends or not – this varies from case to case, depending on the social environment in which you live, and only you can decide. Certainly, some friends will ask you, and ask you more, because they also want to go to an escort service, but they did not have the courage or did not know how until now.

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