Female escorts

Escorts are a special category of women, most often extremely beautiful, caring, elegant. If you meet such a girl in the street you would say: “Oh My God, what a girl!” Although quite often escorts are regarded as dirty women, it’s not true. Many men come to escorts simply to talk, or just want to be able to hold someone in their arms. You may wonder why. Well it is very simple, these men are usually very busy, and they are aware that the people around them certainly do not listen to them, surely they would not understand them, other women judge, criticize, while the escort is always respectful, elegant, stylish, who will agree with you and who will listen to you. Then why don’t we accept escorts? Why do people judge them? If the escort accepted you as you are: with the belly, with the baldness, as weak as a branch. Have you heard that someone is being criticized by an escort? But to be criticized by a wife?

Dream woman

If you go to the nightclub, do you think you have a chance to hhok up witth a girl looking like a luxary escort? Especially if you have belly, baldness, 1 meter and 60 centimeters tall and married with children? You have much more chances to have sex with a gorgeous lady if you pick up a phone and hire a call girl. To be realistic, how many of us have a girlfriend at home looking like a luxury lady (body, face)? Maybe 10%. So you have the opportunity to spend time with a girl who looks super true, who will not stress you with phones later and will not create problems in your family.

Who are they?

“Escorts are ladies, those who do not give you what you want are sluts”. Very often men have prejudices about escorts. They consider escorts to be fallen women. But in fact, what about those ladies you are trying to hook up with? So, you do your best and spend your money on women who don’t want you and don’t appreciate you. All they want is to dine for your money, to get presents and flowers and then to say “goodbye”. Are they really better then escorts who will always understand you and do their best to bring you lots of pleasure. They will never judge you or act not respectfully. Besides, trying to impress an “ordinary” lady you are likely to waste much more money.

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